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NightForce NXS 8-32x56 MOAR

Reticle : MOAR (High Speed)

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(New High Speed Turrets)
Zero Stop
The Nightforce 8-32x56
.250 Moa Adjustment

Reticle : MOAR

NXS are long range NXS hybrids that incorporate all the research and development benefits Nightforce has learned in 1,000 yard benchrest competition since 1991.

Nightforce has combined all the durability and features of our tactical NXS line with high-power variable magnification and a wide selection of target and field reticles, which were born out of Nightforce’s Precision Benchrest Series.

These hybrid NXS models make a significant departure from the tactical applications of its predecessors to offer long-range and benchrest shooters fast internal adjustment capabilities for precise and repeatable shot placement.

The 8-32x56 and 12-42x56 NXS feature resolution and optical performance comparable only to high-end spotting scopes. Like all NXS scopes, both NXS hybrids deliver performance exceeding that of other riflescopes.

NXS: Technology to improve your shooting.

Standards = Quality.

The philosophy of Nightforce is highly specialized and focused on building the ultimate instrument for the application. Our research and testing has developed new standards in manufacturing and quality control. Every Nightforce scope is assembled at our factory in North Central Idaho. All Nightforce scopes are 100% inspected and certified, passing vigorous testing prior to shipping. Our commitment to ultimate riflescope performance by using cutting edge technology and advanced mechanical designs is unparalleled in the industry. All NXS models share exceptional features, making them the finest riflescopes ever produced.

It’s what is inside that counts.

Compare any other riflescope to a Nightforce, and you will see and feel the differences instantly. We produce the most advanced optical sighting systems using extraordinary design and attention to detail. Upon inspection, you are sure to recognize the outstanding results.

Image quality.

The riflescope’s objective lens determines resolution, light transmission and exit pupil size. To maximize these parameters, every Nightforce objective lens assembly consists of a multi-element design like those found in the highest quality telescopes. Our lens system focuses light rays more precisely for exceptional image clarity and color accuracy.

Lens coating.

All air-to-glass surfaces receive a proprietary broadband multi-coating. Nightforce’s unique coating materials maintain tolerance limits of 1/4 wave deposition or 0.000005 inches and exceed the toughest Mil-Spec abrasion test. Nightforce optical designers push the bounds of light management and deliver consistently superior optics. You will see the performance advantages in low light and twilight conditions.

Precise tolerances.

To achieve durability and accuracy, the target turret adjustments are made with specially treated, hardened metals. Materials like heat-treated, high-strength steel with advanced dry film lubricants and surfaced hardened brass silicone bronze (BSB) are used to ensure long-lasting wear resistant and reliable performance. Each sleeve of the erector tube assembly consists of dissimilar metals. The outer tube is constructed of a unique bronze alloy. This provides exceptional wear resistance while ensuring repeatable accuracy in a variable power riflescope.

Adverse conditions.

To meet operational environmental requirements, Nightforce riflescopes were subjected to seawater, sand, dust, mud, heat and cold. As one would expect, the testing is rigorous. Every aspect of the riflescope design has been tested and proven. Nightforce riflescopes are tested in a pressure tank simulating 100 feet of water for 24 hours ensuring absolute waterproof integrity. Thermal stability is tested by freezing the scopes to minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit and then heated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit in a one-hour period. Function is checked at both temperature extremes. Recoil and impact is tested at 1,250 Gs for both positive and negative forces.

Performance attributes.

Known for their outstanding ruggedness, Nightforce NXS riflescopes set the standard by which all other riflescopes are measured. Our design team developed an innovative design structure that takes full advantage of aerospace materials. To ensure 100% repeatability, Nightforce designed a proprietary titanium beta erector spring that delivers three to four times the spring pressure of other scopes. This titanium material will never fatigue over time—even when left compressed—ensuring exact 1/4 M.O.A. throughout the entire range of internal adjustment. This highly polished titanium spring provides optimum surface bearing contact, ensuring ultra-smooth operation even in sub-zero temperatures. The thickness of the 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy tube body is two to three times thicker than other riflescopes. This dimension adds to the thermal stability, helps to maintain a consistent zero and reduces deformation of internal optical components, thus improving tracking and repeatability.

Technical innovation.

The optical elements inside NXS are retained in a machined cell of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, then hand-bedded with a proprietary Mil-Spec bonding agent and cured at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. All lenses are further secured with o-rings and machined metal lock rings, both fore and aft. This zero-tolerance lens securing method is unique to all Nightforce riflescopes, assuring zero movement of the optical elements. This proprietary design provides strain-free mounting of the optical element, thereby ensuring exact optical indexing. It prevents any alteration of line-of-sight or degrading of optical performance by lens movement or breakage when subjected to recoil, extreme shock and severe temperature changes. 100% testing of each lens cell ensures the highest level of quality and long-term reliability.

Nightforce NXS riflescopes are the number one choice of military and law enforcement professionals who demand unfailing, repeatable performance.


Reticle : MOAR (High Speed)

Zero Stop

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