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Pulsar Forward DFA75

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Pulsar DFA75 Digital Night Vision

Pulsar Forward DFA75 Cover Ring Adaptor 42mm , 50mm or 56mm
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The digital night vision attachment Forward DFA75 is designed for fast and easy conversion of a day optical sight into a night riflescope. To install the Forward DFA75 onto the front optical bell of a day telescopic sight, specially designed adapters (bought separately) with various diameters with a set of inserts are used.
The adapter is permanently attached to the optical bell of a telescopic sight. This allows the Forward DFA75 attachment to be quickly installed in front of the lens for nighttime shooting.
The device uses a highly sensitive CCD array; the image transmitted to the high resolution display OLED is contrasting, crisp and saturated. Thanks to the OLED display (640x480 pixels) the Forward DFA75 can be used within a wide temperature range from -20 °? to +50 °?.
The digital night vision attachment Forward DFA features various image settings: brightness and contrast level adjustment (from 0 to 20), sensitivity enhancement. It allows the image to be adjusted for specific application.
The Forward DFA is equipped with a removable laser IR Illuminator (915 nm wavelength, safety class 1) which functions in the “invisible” IR range. The illuminator features IR beam focusing (from spot to flood) and three-step power adjustment.
The main menu of the Forward DFA includes various functions such as: set-up, check and adjustment of the aiming point, “Horizon” adjustment function. Icons on the data panel show operational status of the device (active functions, low battery indicator).
The Forward DFA75 features a video output to conduct video recording to external devices. The output video signal standard can be changed in the main menu (from PAL to NTSC).
The digital night vision attachment Forward DFA75 operates on four rechargeable batteries but can also be powered with an external power supply. Basic control functions (switching on/off the device and the IR Illuminator, activation of “SumLightTM“ (program) can be performed with the help of the included programmable wireless remote control.
When coupled with the Pulsar 10x32 monocular the device can operate as a 10x-power digital night vision device.
The attachment is designed for professional and amateur use: hunting, observation, security, law enforcement.

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Pulsar Forward DFA75 Cover Ring Adaptor 42mm , 50mm or 56mm Please choose and let us know on comments on check out

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