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Wildhunter Li-ion Battery Pack

BPLI22 15ahr

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Wildhunter 15AH High Power Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Super light weight battery pack designed to fit into your pocket or carry on a belt. Wildhunter battery packs are upto 5 time lighter than the sealed lead acid battery packs used in the past. Now you can go lamping without having to carry around a heavy lead based battery set up. No more aching shoulders after a night out lamping foxes or predators.

Wildhunter has used Lithium-ion battery cells to build high quality and light weight lamping / hunting battery packs. The packs are built using Samsung cells. Each pack has been factory charged and discharged 8 times to ensure the highest quality lithium ion battery packs.

The output cable can rotate 360 degrees which avoids any strain on the connections and allows freedom of use.

Features and whats you get.
1.Battery pack covered in Wildhunter hi-viz rubber paint.
2.A carry pouch that can be carried on a belt.
3.240 volt mains charger with a UK plug or a EU plug can be supplied if needed.
4.A 12volt car charger.
5.A car type 12volt output connector.
6.A 15AH battery pack that weighs only an amazing 900 grams.
7.An led power level indicator.

A battery is measured in amp hours. If a lamp (100watt) for instance draws 8 amps. Then a 10amphr battery will supply 10amps for 1 hour. This means it will power a 100 watt bulb for 1.25hours on constant use. So if you use a 50watt bulb the battery pack will supply power for twice as long as a 100watt. Total time with a 50 watt bulb using a 10AH battery = 2.5 hours.

BPLI22 15ahr

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