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Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol Gun Cleaner

Sizes – 4 oz Bottle (113.3 g)

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Clenzoil revolutionary foaming aerosol is unlike anything available on the market today and holds the same broad based usage and tolerance structure as liquid Clenzoil. Our unique and patented product allows for the user to either spray a larger coverage area, or, by holding the dispenser unit closer to the area of application, have the product foam up into protective cleaning foam that removes all dirt and grime while leaving a protective and rust-inhibiting surface covering.

Clenzoil™ Field and Range Foaming Aerosol
Contains No CO2
Contains No Compressed Air
Contains No Butane, No Heptane & No Propane
Engineered with Medical Grade Nitrogen
Disperses Any Water Present
Absolutely Prevents Rust
Ultimate Cleaning
Ultimate Lubrication
Ultimate Protection
Available sizes – 4 oz Bottle (113.3 g)

Sizes – 4 oz Bottle (113.3 g)

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