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Pulsar Recon 750R Night Vision

Built-In Video Recorder

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The is a hand held digital night vision monocular which has the capability to record footage of what you see to SD card, for playback within the device, or download to PC for playback or upload to internet at home.

Ideal for wildlife observation or for security applications, the Pulsar Recon 750R Night Vision has a built in 780nm 125mW Infrared Laser illuminator for use in complete darkness.

With a man sized detection range of up to 400m (in ideal conditions) the Pulsar Recon Digital Nightvision monocular will provide a good quality image of smaller wildlife at up to 150m at night. You can also increase this viewing range with the addition of a high power infrared light source such as the Night Master NM800IR.

The major benefit of the Recon 750R over conventional night vision is that digital night vision cannot be damaged by bright light sources likely to be encountered at night such as car headlamps, street lighting etc.

Equipped with a video in/out port for outputting footage to a monitor, the Pulsar Recon 750R has an onboard recording facility, which utilises the SD memory card format to capture viewed footage to the memory card.

Simply press the Record button as you use the device, and what you see will be recorded, making it ideal for safari's or wildlife holiday trips where you wish to make a video record of what you see at night in complete darkness. You can also capture still images.

The Recon 750R has four operational output modes, Black and White, Green (Traditional NV colour), Red (Low Eye Strain), and Enhanced (High Contrast mode)


•Generation: Digital
•Magnification: 4.0x
•IR Illuminator: Built in 125mW laser IR
•Weight: 420gm
•Dimensions: 176x83x62mm
•Batteries: Powered by 4 x AA with a run time of up to 9hrs
•CCD Array: Sony ICX-254AL 1/3"
•Camera Resolution: 510x492
•Min/Max Working Illuminance (Lux) 0.005 to 30000
•Display Resolution: 320x240
•Built in Video Recorder
•Format of Video Clips: AVI
•Resolution of Video Clip: 640x480 / 320x240 @30fps
•Format of Photo Files: .jpg
•Resolution of Photo Files: 640x480
•Memory Card: Max 4GB
•Approximate Capacity of memory card: 55min - (640x480) @30fps 200min - (320x240) @30fps
•IPX4 Level of Protection

Built-In Video Recorder

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