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Napier rifle clean

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A uniquely textured highly absorbent and amazingly strong material for the effective cleaning of all firearms, with a particular emphasis on rifled bores. Out-performs patches in every way and, being 75% thinner, can be wrapped around a wire brush. It moulds to the contours of the rifling to ensure complete removal of all fouling. It is also totally unaffected by solvents which it rapidly absorbs. Each box contains 14 metres of material which can be dispensed to suit all calibres of pistols or rifles.

Clean your Pistol, Rifle or Air Weapon the Napier way.

For really fast and effective removal of all fouling from any rifled barrel, use Napier rifle clean and achieve perfect results every time. Simply spray the barrel with Napier Gun Cleaner and leave to dwell for up to 3 minutes. Then cut a suitable length of Napier Rifle Clean and apply to your normal cleaning tool or pull through. For best results, wrap Rifle Clean around a wire brush and clean the barrel as usual. The unique texture and remarkable strength of Rifle Clean, allows it to mould itself to the rifling of the barrel and ensures complete removal of all fouling and excess solvent in one action. Repeat with up to three clean patches of Rifle Clean until no trace of fouling is seen to be sure that your weapon is completely clean. Finally, apply a fine film of Napier Gun Oil to the barrel and mop through with a clean patch of Rifle Clean, wipe over the exterior surface of the weapon with a film of Napier Gun Oil to ensure complete protection from finger marks and corrosion.

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