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Air Arms MPR FT

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Accuracy, power and control, in a Field Target format

To win a Field Target, or Hunter Field Target competition, you need a rifle which will produce consistent accuracy right out to 50 metres, in all kinds of weather from sub-zero temperatures to the intense heat of mid-summer. Add rain, wind and the demands of changing conditions and you'll quickly find that a successful specialised Field Target air rifle is a specialised piece of equipment.
The Air Arms MPR Field Target is a successful specialised rifle. It's won trophy after trophy in Field Target and Hunter Field Target competitions and it's done so because it provides the shooter with everything required to win. All you need to do is provide the talent - and the MPR will do the rest.

The MPR Field Target what's in it for you?
When you take an Air Arms MPR into the competition field, you have in your hands the potential to win at every level. This proven rifle runs a consistent, reliable, precharged pneumatic action aligned to a spcially commissioned match grade barrel, fitted with an anti-flip muzzle brake for enhanced stability on firing. the easy-to-use bolt-action cocking and loading system allows each pellet to be presented to the rifle's breech by the shooter, for fuss-free loading and perfect accuracy.
Field target shooting requires versatility from competitor and rifle alike and the MPR's fully-adjustable stock provides optimum fit and control in every shooting stance possible. A precision, positive-variable, match trigger fine-tunes the MPR's ergonomics, and the option of a full match butt plate is there for those who want the ultimate contact between shooter and rifle. Ideal balance, a proven track record, and the potential to win the greatest prizes in the sport, the MPR Field Target has them all.

.177 Only

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