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Blaser R8 Rifle .308 Synthetic

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Blaser R8 Rifle .308 Synthetic

The Blaser has additional benefits: you can disassemble the rifle in seconds for storage, and the barrels and thus calibres are interchangeable, allowing a deer rifle to be changed into a varmint rifle if desired.

One area that let down the R93 model was the small and fiddly magazine, which, with the receiver, was integral and loaded from the top - not everybody’s cup of tea.

Enter the new R8 model, which addresses these issues with a completely detachable magazine system, larger payload and redesigned bolt and trigger system.

Blaser use their own straight-pull system, which requires a rearward pull on the bolt handle to unlock the bolt - if you are not used to it, you try to lift the bolt handle.

Blaser R8 Black Edition rifle

Because the bolt locks directly into the back of the barrel and is housed and travels on two 9.5in guide rails within the action, you have a very shortbarrelled action compared with a conventional rifle.

It is, in fact, 3.5in shorter, making it handle much better. The R8 has a symmetrical radial locking system, which uses L-shaped sprung individual lugs.

When the bolt is closed, these spring out to engage in the barrel recess and lock the bolt concentrically into the back of the barrel. These 13 lugs have also been redesigned and have a more abrupt locking edge to grip better, while the 3.75in bolt has been given an improved removal system.

The bolt head is still removable, allowing differing sizes to be fitted depending on the cartridge you are using, which adds to the versatility of the R8.

The barrel is retained by just two captive bolts within the lower portion of the action.

The action is bedded into the stock with the result that it is unaffected by climatic changes. A long hex-head screw is included and the barrel can be removed in a matter of seconds.

The scope mount is a quick-detachable unit, which is on the right side of the barrel and can be moved via two rounded lugs. It is then tightened down with adjustable camming levers and has no loss of zero.

Another feature on this unusual action system is the de-cocking mechanism, which is popular in Europe. At the back of the bolt housing there is a large external cocking lever, which allows silent and quick manual cocking or de-cocking of the R8 with your firing hand.

Pushed forward, this compresses the firing pin spring and the bolt is cocked, while a push down and back releases the tension on the spring and makes the rifle safe.

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