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RPA International Hunter .308

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General Purpose Hunter, 308 Win, 24" polished barrel un fluted 1 in 12 twist, multi shot .

This rifle was featured in Sporting Rifle October 2010
Two of RPA’s hunting rifles were used by Tim Pilbeam in the October issue of Sportingrifle magazine. For this test Tim put the 7mm-08 calibre up against the .308 Winchester to see which one really does come out on top.
A high performance hunting rifle manufactured from RPA's world beating products, designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Hunter series weigh in at a frugal 4 Kgs. The heart of the rifle is the RPA 4-lug Quadlite® action renowned for unrivalled accuracy, durability and safety. We feel sure this will probably be the most accurate hunting rifle you will ever own!
RPA General Purpose Hunter Rifle
Crafted Precision

Hunter series rifles use an RPA 3 shot 'drop box' magazine and are available in a range of calibres. The GP hunter is available in a left or right handed configuration. The TH Hunter is only available in right hand configuration. All RPA triggers have a 2 stage mechanism, with a positive first stage and crisp release it is also equipped with a 2-position safety catch.

RPA uses match grade stainless steel barrels from quality manufacturers with a proven record of performance. Barrels are fluted as standard which improves the balance of the rifle and enhances cooling. The barrel muzzle is threaded 17mm x 1mm to allow for the easy fitting of a muzzle brake or suppressor.

Hunter series rifle stocks are designed for rough handling, poor weather conditions and are crafted from an epoxy with glass and Kevlar reinforcement, finished with a durable epoxy gel-coat outer layer before final textured 2 part paint finish.

Standard colour is black, other colours to special order. The Hunter series rifles have a fixed butt plate with spacers as standard. All exposed aluminium parts are anodised for durability and protection against the elements.
Safety & Engineering

The heart of any rifle is the receiver, developed from the Quadlock® and designed with the gun connoisseur in mind; the Quadlite® is designed for long range competition, sporting, varmint and bench shooters alike. Built using over 30 years experience of high power long range competition target shooting the Quadlite® has a first class pedigree.

* One piece bolt incorporating a cocked 'tell tale'.
* Passive ejector for reliable operation.
* Drilled to accept scope rails.
* Short firing pin travel provides for very fast lock time (less than 1.5 milliseconds).

* Firing pin is a single piece of high tensile steel hardened and tempered.
* Heavy duty recoil plate has locator spigot to allow barrel removal and re-fitting without compromising the position of the plate to the bedding.
* Modern shape and materials, finished in satin black, high wear and corrosion resistant finish.
* High tensile steels and solid construction make it the safest rifle available.
* RPA triggers used in the Hunter series have: Adjustable finger pull. A nominal pull weight of 0.5 Kg. Hardened and burnished pivots to reduce friction. Positive first stage. Smooth operation. All models have a two position safety catch.

A genuine left-handed hunting rifle Quadlite Action
Hunter Quadlite Bolt Head Hunter Magazine Release Hunter Muzzle Thread


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