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Zeiss Diarange 3-12x56 Scope

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Zeiss Victory Diarange Rifle Scope Series

The Victory Diarange with integrated laser rangefinder (and BDC) from Carl Zeiss is a new riflescope that delivers not only excellent optical performance and mechanical sturdiness, but also the precise range to the target at the push of a button. The ease of use makes it possible to react quickly - with the weapon in a firing position within a fraction of a second - even when unexpected hunting situations occur.
Zeiss Victory Diarange Rifle Scope Features

* Riflescope with integrated, precise laser rangefinder (not visible, eye safe, laser class 1)
* Fast, simple and comfortable operation
* Large measuring range up to 999m (depending on objects size, reflectivity, angle of impact, weather conditions)
* Outstanding optical performance and high lowlight capability
* High mechanical sturdiness as well as recoil proof, waterproof, nitrogen filled
* Four different illuminated reticles for use in lowlight conditions
* Lowest subtension resulting from reticle in the 2nd image plane
* Fast and comfortable mounting with Zeiss rail.
* Choice of 5 different reticles

How The Zeiss Victory Diarange Rifle Scope Works

* The target is sighted with the reticle
* A laser pulse is transmitted exactly along the line of sight when the measuring button is pressed
* A highly precise stop watch begins timing at the same moment
* The laser beam hits the object and is reflected
* A portion of the reflected light is received by the objective lens and separated from the normal, visual beam path by a beam splitter
* This laser light is then focused on the receiver diode
* The timer stops when the signal arrives there
* The microprocessor determines the range based on the elapsed time between sending and receiving the beam (light speed = 300,000 km/sec)
* The result of the measurement = the object distance is displayed within max 0.5 sec after pressing the button
* After 3 sec the display switches off and the next measurement can start

Reticle : 60

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