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Zeiss Diavari 4-16x50 BCD


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Victory FL Diavari 4-16x50 with Illuminated Reticle & Bullet Drop Compensator

Superior Optics for Long-distance Shots.

This extremely compact, extremely easy-to-use riflescope is ideal for hunting in local hunting grounds or in the mountains where game is regularly shot at changing distances. Hunters are always faced with these requirements even when hunting abroad. Thanks to its short length and low weight, the 4-16x50 T* FL is the first choice for lightweight repeating and single-shot rifles.

These riflescopes from Carl Zeiss provide the foundation for outstanding imaging performance, maximum precision and absolute accuracy—even at long range. They represent a new product line for demanding hunters, technically skilled long-range marksmen and competitive shooters looking for a high-magnification stalking or long-range riflescope with maximum optical performance. The proven and unique FL concept provides maximum reliability for the shot, particularly at high magnification: shooters can recognize even the tiniest details at long range. The extremely compact dimensions and the innovative BDC and Rapid-Z® long-range shot concepts enable the Victory FL Diavari riflescopes to meet even the highest demands while delivering a unique visual experience.

Maximum optical performance—the FL concept
Fully recalculated high-performance optics using glass containing fluoride offer maximum resolution and contrast even in difficult light conditions: with bright sunlight and high magnification, these riflescopes deliver outstanding imaging performance and color fringes (secondary spectrum), which are also magnified on standard riflescopes, are reduced to a minimum.
Under diffused light conditions, the FL concept ensures a much clearer image which, in conjunction with the high transmission, is vital to hunting success. Sport shooters value the clear black/white transitions on the targets generated by these models. This has a particularly positive effect on concentration and accuracy. In short, the images on the Victory Diavari FL models are clearly more brilliant than standard riflescopes. Regarding contrast, focus, details, and brightness, the Victory FL Diavari models are the absolute top performers and establish a new reference class here: superior optics for long-distance shots.

Two innovative long-distance shot concepts—BDC and Rapid-Z®
The proven bullet drop compensator and the Rapid-Z® reticle provide the foundation for a reliable long-range shot.
Instead of an intuitive correction (aim high), the BDC features the world's only defined click positions: turning the elevation adjustment knob to the determined distance alters the position of the reticle so that the bullet drop is compensated and can now always remain on target at the determined range (from 100-400 m). This enables full utilization of the precision weapon and ammunition – even with magnum caliber cartridges.
The second concept developed by Carl Zeiss and patented around the globe, the Rapid-Z® 7 reticle for long-distance shots, enables marksmen to precisely aim at a target even at long distances via the corresponding holdover lines between 100-700 m. In addition to the holdover lines, hash marks have also been added to compensate for side wind (2.5 m/s or 5 m/s). The magnification changer allows the user to set the reticle to standard calibers and weapon-specific properties.

Precise, reliable mechanical parts
The precision mechanical design of the Victory FL Diavari models ensures maximum reliability and repeat accuracy. Parallax compensation prevents target point displacement when looking into the eyepiece at a slanted angle – the riflescope is always in focus at short and long ranges even at maximum magnification. Combined with the long-distance concept of the FL models, the large elevation adjustment range provides an optimal basis for long-distance shots even with standard cartridges and higher calibers.
The Victory Diavari FL riflescopes are particularly compact and easy to use. The compactness of the Victory FL Diavari riflescopes is unparalleled in the class of high-quality, high-magnification riflescopes.

Clear view thanks to the innovative LotuTec® protective coating
This innovative protective coating on the lens element ensures that water beads off the surface immediately without residue. Compared to competitors’ products, LotuTec® displays favorable physical properties and therefore sets a new standard: thanks to the very large contact angle with the glass surface, the water droplets practically retain their spherical shape – and simply bead off the surface. Thanks to LotuTec®, only a minimal amount of dirt and grease adhere to the surface and can be quickly and easily removed like a fingerprint. LotuTec® therefore greatly enhances the functional value of the Victory FL Diavari models in tough hunting conditions. This patented invention from
Carl Zeiss has already proven very successful on binoculars, riflescopes, and eyeglass lenses a million times over.

All reticles on the Victory FL riflescope models are positioned in the second image plane, feature low subtension at high magnification and are ideal for aiming at small targets at long range.


With their FL concept, which provides the highest resolution on the market, the new Victory FL Diavari models meet the needs of demanding hunters and marksmen. The image is particularly bright, detail-rich and color neutral. The smallest details can be seen even at long range. The high magnification simplifies target acquisition for a precise shot. The proven and unique BDC and Rapid-Z® 7 long-distance shot concepts guarantee a precise long-range shot. All models feature parallax adjustment that can be set from 50 m to infinity. An extremely compact and robust design, and extended reticle elevation adjustment range rounds off this offering.
In summary, the new Victory FL Diavari models offer a unique performance spectrum.


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