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Pro-Shot 1 Piece Cleaning Rod

42" Length

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Because of a secret added step in the manufacturing process, Pro-Shot Cleaning Rods have a 'mirror-like' jewelled finish that is incredibly dense and hard; this finish is further burnished and then micro polished to yet even smoother finish.

This super-smooth finish means that ProShot rods will not pick up and carry abrasive grit or dirt into the rifle bore; Pro-Shot claim that their micro polished rods the best type of rifle-cleaning rod available today.

These micro-polished, super-hardened, stainless steel rods feel flexible and lithe but are in fact extremely strong and unlike coated, aluminium or fiber-glass rods, will last for many years; micro-polished, super-hardened stainless steel will take the harsh chemical action of bore solvents but will not deteriorate in any way - and because they are not coated, you won’t end up with nylon coating or fiber residues in your action or bore.

(Many shooters still erroneously feel they need to use a coated rod as the coatings will not damage the rifling or barrel; however, when a correctly sized Pro-Shot rod is used in conjunction with a Pro-Shot bore guide, no cleaning-rod flexing takes place so, no damage will be caused).

Rugged precision threading for a 'no wobble' attachment of rod-tip accessories. No adaptor is needed when using the correct Pro-Shot attachments and they do not get out of line with the rod, as can happen when an adaptor is required.

42" Length

Product Code: IPS-42-27/U

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