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Pro-Shot Adjustable Bore Guide

Fits .22 Centrefire - .30 Cal.

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Fits short and long actions.

Fits .22 Centrefire - .30 Cal.

White pieces for .22 Centrefire - .25 Cal. Black pieces for .26 Cal - .30 Cal. Do not mix colours or pieces.

For: Remington XP-100-Model 7, 600-660, 700-40X-78-72, 722-725-788, Ruger All Model 77, Winchester 70-54-56, Savage 100-112V, Mauser 98, Hart, Stolle, Enfield 1917, Kimber 89, Browning A Bolt.

The "Stopper" Bore Guide front prevents solvent and fouling from running back into the action. Adjusts to fit action lengths precisely.

Fits .22 Centrefire - .30 Cal.

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