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Mini Colibri AL50T Game Caller

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The Mini Colibri AL50T (previously known as the Callmaster) is a small digital sounds reproducer with interchangeable 10 calls memory, equipped with an incorporated Neodymium loud-speaker and the possibility to connect an external loud-speaker through an amplified output. It works with an internal 9 Volts battery or 12 Volts with external supply.. Very easy to use, in fact, by a single button it is possible: to change the call by pushing button down. Turning regulate the volume turning it to right or to left and activating the timer pushing it for 5 seconds. The selected call, the volume level, the activation of the timer and the battery warning are visualised by a display. Thanks to a simple menu, easily accessible and settable, is also possible to customise some functions of the caller, including: the timer setting, the choice of the calls to reproducing in cyclic way, the exclusion of the incorporated loud-speaker and the adjustment of the display' brightness.

Please note that the use of these callers (or any other electronic caller available elsewhere) to attract birds for shooting is prohibited in the UK. They are perfectly legal to use for photographic and research purposes on these species however, but we only market this unit as a fox/stoat call

Caller Sounds

Fox Bark
Fox Cub
Fox Vixen
Lamb Distress
Hare Distress
Rabbit Distress

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